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List of tasks you can perform to earn Free Crypto Coins using our service.

Manual Faucet
Earn coins with a manual faucet every 5 minutes.
Complete challenges for extra coins and energy.
Complete tasks, offers, surveys to earn more.
Auto Faucet
Earn money just by leaving the Auto Faucet running.
Level System
Level up your account for free and earn more coins.
Weekly Contest
Win big binance coins prizes in weekly contests.


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Time Username Wallet Address Method Amount
12278 garugaTUScwSTX9vPdDf8f5mzWNBFkDg3vgT2zLY 0.0813 USD
12277 VichetkhunTF3K1hdJjkgQYPCrXSHKzqUnoYiiLYWEmM 0.04645 USD
12276 Azima13THXPHer2n2eiovzj6tHTpAsQdTvoemBMLX 0.02051 USD
12274 nangkil[email protected] 0.03161 USD
12273 Vladimir1DjqF6idfHkKkw3CTBh4kyh8enSCKAd9Y4 0.02141 USD
12272 amit24kumarrMQQj5kAr4wPt5Jqerx6hdgLMA3Z6E9GK9h 0.020131 USD
12271 Usman34ltc1qhnqd8u3rflmxfcea3fvm227x4fy45sjmsqmzha 0.02 USD
12270 shaziTDqoQmLrNCoHvcix2St57xexXYzi4XW2Xo 0.02267 USD
12269 danbox28TUDkKFvs4ABscCAJFqHky2Fmu5CdGbXjq3 0.02004 USD
12268 liza201HsuvNRA1R4ubiHZ7mjruL8HQnA7fHwNC7 0.02202 USD
12267 isoka17000ltc1qa0ecplqekedaqh4ek4csr3vv8x0dpm0q65utru 0.02117 USD
12266 uzair7[email protected] 0.02035 USD
12265 valeriy29DHN9dAgeLWVGqvLUE6YLjqDi45WEEt28Dw 0.021 USD
12264 phallaTLP5EwuUfPmp6qVfjA5EfQTkJ1aixqmW5o 0.02673 USD
12263 medo09TEvNWgHUksCLsGEU1gFJLBkiPEwGLXdbdX 0.02 USD
12262 Mehdi70TYEv5x5m4tLjtfq64NgMyXy3qLbjyRpLfu 0.02875 USD
12261 BANGBIGBANG[email protected] 0.055891 USD
12260 Logesh1234178GFpy7fTBVv2rwuGMVEuQMNVDJsT6271 0.06492 USD
12259 Athens23TTrCy6NdJQD7yDxqvguctBVZy6wSwvw53X 0.02468 USD
12258 Mehdi70TYEv5x5m4tLjtfq64NgMyXy3qLbjyRpLfu 0.03522 USD


Can I create multiple accounts?
No, we do not allow multiple account usage. Our advanced security system automatically bans accounts that are owned by the same person.
Can I use VPN/Proxy?
Unfortunately, you cannot use any proxied connection.
I didn't do anything wrong. Why am I banned?
Account bans are only applied if you did something against our Terms of Service. If you are sure that it is a mistake, please feel free to contact us and explain the situation.
I have completed an offer but not received anything?
Some offerwall tasks are credited to your account after a certain amount of time. You can check your account history offerwalls tabs to see when your payment will be sent to you.
How long does it take to get my money to my wallet?
Withdrawals will be processed and sent within 24 to 72 hours.
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High paying - Instant payments - Multiple currencies

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