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List of tasks you can perform to earn Free Crypto Coins using our service.

Manual Faucet
Earn coins with a manual faucet every 5 minutes.
Complete challenges for extra coins and energy.
Complete tasks, offers, surveys to earn more.
Auto Faucet
Earn money just by leaving the Auto Faucet running.
Level System
Level up your account for free and earn more coins.
Weekly Contest
Win big binance coins prizes in weekly contests.


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Time Username Wallet Address Method Amount
8687 smertch[email protected] 0.005 USD
8686 nima49_mehrab1MRVMmqTrqtzL1mRXiHSYATrQCaDMSHvLj 0.01195 USD
8685 elenataty147FQdPfKJsMcju64sKA29j9hg5E2QmmBH 0.01002 USD
8684 Areebhassan211QGcujMFAiNN68c7fwiKqToFCEMKcH3y2 0.00505 USD
8683 Stasik234519RFt4gMccJ8x4ZFd6QpeWvuC363xrEiMx 0.01625 USD
8682 fanitp1LvFwre8zXU97wsYw7z2vj6PdivFo1u22o 0.01525 USD
8681 alexandertm358[email protected] 0.01015 USD
8680 Malik44307[email protected] 0.005 USD
8679 alvonso1DpisFDT6zoSmS1kBAJ95EHe2xjXm6FsY2 0.01003 USD
8678 thorstenk12Kt5XdBKb1YrfBKoofdgfAUctNDT6YqUk 0.01172 USD
8677 cunningcobra1Gs4PTYG55BWXMapyiheGwdS6j567gPi5X 0.01937 USD
8676 pitrenkooleg184KNqzVzD2Fdv6dqQQDoBUnj2UQmrH7Bj 0.01925 USD
8675 aleientab17mC7Q22MMN8YJvdntZnTvUPc6W7QT6VZG 0.01675 USD
8674 lukas12053341AxrYBgQM3vAqgkUA4KM3YWRwAR8Y7JGA5 0.01488 USD
8673 ariya128516DCaT74sG7C63pizuuwcgdE5wUL9jbp4G 0.01647 USD
8672 taurusgirl1NDzFtkc2nGg8D7xBFhUk8oVd37Am5ic2Y 0.01322 USD
8671 rolf5551PH9scbhos2iuCNeGbM9aWZ1WzwkSzk1g2 0.01547 USD
8670 complac13XpfnPACEGWA8xFz3RBi2dP81hmepRKGR 0.01873 USD
8669 taisiaazia881CJFZbC8FeYPUjmeWSNVbuF3MEhGoxdjYZ 0.017 USD
8668 lukas12053341AxrYBgQM3vAqgkUA4KM3YWRwAR8Y7JGA5 0.02275 USD


Can I create multiple accounts?
No, we do not allow multiple account usage. Our advanced security system automatically bans accounts that are owned by the same person.
Can I use VPN/Proxy?
Unfortunately, you cannot use any proxied connection.
I didn't do anything wrong. Why am I banned?
Account bans are only applied if you did something against our Terms of Service. If you are sure that it is a mistake, please feel free to contact us and explain the situation.
I have completed an offer but not received anything?
Some offerwall tasks are credited to your account after a certain amount of time. You can check your account history offerwalls tabs to see when your payment will be sent to you.
How long does it take to get my money to my wallet?
Withdrawals will be processed and sent within 24 to 72 hours.
What are you still waiting for?
High paying - Instant payments - Multiple currencies

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